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Big Foot  Conference


Mountain Music Festival

October 3 & 4


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Want to knock on some trees with us? Give us a holler. Visit our contact page.

OCTOBER 3,& 4, 2014
Ludlow Rock School House
Hwy 144
(Hwy 271 from Antlers flows into Hwy 144 East, 27 miles to Ludlow)
turn off Hwy 259 onto Hwy 144 from Octavia head West 9 miles to Ludlow)

This being the 10th annual Big Foot Conference and Mountain Music Festival, it’s only fitting that it be EXTREMELY captivating and enjoyable for every age Group.  Make your reservations NOW to stay on the grounds and wait for something spectacular to happen.  

Send in your signed reservation either by E-Mail and call
918-917-3723 to pay by phone or
Send your signed reservation with check
(made to Wind Walker Sound LLC) by regular Mail, to:
Wind Walker Sound LLC
67633 Williams Lane
Smithville, OK.  74957


Wind Walker Sound LLC


Below you will read about two gatherings in Big Foots’ Backyard.
The Tenth Annual Fall Gathering.

You are encouraged to make plans to attend  due to the different activities planned and the UNIQUE speakers gearing up to speak.  You can camp on the Festival grounds  so you won’t miss anything.  
Hope to see you there……
Darryl Williams




What about the day parking??

Very good question,  There is limited parking so there is a fee.
                                  $10. charge per passenger vehicle
                                    $5. Motorcycle or 4 wheeler or walk in
                                 $20. Busses

What do I get for this fee??

Glad you asked.  Everyone in the vehicle receives a colored, numbered ticket for that day. If you come back on Saturday and pay another parking fee you will receive another colored numbered ticket for everyone in the vehicle.  A duplicate of your ticket(s) are placed in the Door Prize jar and every 45 min during the festival both days 2 or 3 tickets are drawn to give away door prizes, so hang on to your tickets both days.

Also, all competition games both days are free,  All music shows are free, and all conference sessions are free.  

The Conference & Festival will have vendors, games, conference sessions, and best of all we have some of the best FOOD VENDORS around.

IF YOU CAMP ON OUR GROUNDS YOU WILL RECEIVE a DOOR PRIZE TICKET FOR EACH PERSON EACH DAY CAMPING in your clan.  Click on Camping then download Camping applications

Click on EVENTS then Arts & Crafts for
CRAFT VENDOR APPLICATION                                                        FOOD VENDOR APPLICATION